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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Dangers of Gum Disease

There are millions of germs that live in your mouth. If you suffer from Gum Disease, you have open wounds in your gums that allow the bacteria to enter directly into your blood stream and circulate throughout your body. Some of the bacteria normally found in the mouth enter your bloodstream through infected gums and can relocate to other parts of your body with the potential of creating disease in organs and systems.

Much research is being done to investigate if a definitive link exists between periodontal disease and other systemic illnesses. Many of the results are inconclusive; however, research has shown some links between periodontal disease and heart disease, ischemic stroke, respiratory disease, head and neck cancer, kidney disease, diabetes, and increased risk of pre-term delivery.

Gum Disease is the leading cause of tooth loss for the majority of adults in the United States. Losing your teeth, however, is not the only danger of this disease.

When you have gum disease, there is an active, living infection in your mouth. This infection releases toxins to the entire body through the blood vessels in your mouth causing a variety of health-related issues.

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Stages Of Gum Disease

The daily monotonous task of brushing and flossing your teeth has never been more important in order to avoid gum disease and reduce the risks Gum Disease places on your overall health.

It has been estimated that 75% of Americans have some form of gum disease which can be linked to serious health complications and causes Dental Problems that are avoidable.

There are three main stages of gum disease:

Stage 1: Gingivitis

Gingivitis is the earliest stage of gum disease and is caused by plaque buildup around the gum line which causes inflammation of the gums. If you neglect to brush or floss your teeth daily, this plaque buildup will trap bacteria and cause gum disease. Gingivitis causes inflammation of the gums. Gums that should otherwise be pink will appear red and swollen; you could experience bleeding when you brush or floss. However, at this point, gingivitis can still be reversed. The bone and fibers that hold your teeth in place have not yet been affected.

Stage 2: Periodontitis

If gingivitis is left untreated, the condition will become Periodontitis. At this stage, the supporting bones and fibers that hold your teeth in place have been irreversibly damaged. Your gums begin to form “pockets,” deep hollow areas around the teeth that trap food, plaque, and bacteria. Your gums will recede and form gaps between your teeth. Immediate treatment is necessary to prevent further damage and tooth loss.

Stage 3: Advanced Periodontitis

In this final stage of gum disease, periodontitis has been left untreated and has become advanced periodontitis. Bacteria that was allowed to grow, spread, and cause destruction has destroyed the connective tissues and bones that support the teeth. The pockets that formed in the previous stage have become much deeper. Your teeth can shift or loosen. Loose teeth that move around in the mouth may affect your bite. At this state, aggressive treatment is needed to save the teeth.

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Gum Disease

Gum Disease is a common dental problem in America. On this page we list a range of health issues that can be potentially caused or in some cases, linked, to gum disease. As you can see by reviewing the list below, gum disease can have very serious consequences, as it can allow toxins to enter the bloodstream.

The best course of action is to ensure that you clean your teeth at home (we can instruct you on the best ways to do that) and visit our San Marcos dental office for twice yearly cleanings and monitoring of your oral health. If needed, Adriatic Dental offers several very effective gum disease treatments in our San Marcos Dental Office.

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Where to Find Healthy, Fresh Food In San Marcos, CA

We know that eating healthy is great for our bodies, keeps them strong and functioning to their highest potential, keeps our weight in check and wards off life-threatening diseases. With all the talk about eating healthy, though, we often forget how important it is for our oral health. Choosing the right foods for our bodies is also so important for maintaining healthy teeth and gums.

Finding healthy, fresh foods in San Marcos isn’t always easy. Some stores don’t offer much selection, or are more expensive than others. Plus, how should you know what foods you should be looking for to maintain healthy teeth and gums?

What foods are good for our oral health and where can we buy healthy, fresh foods in San Marcos?

Sprouts Farmers Market

Fresh fruits, such as peaches, apples, bananas, and nectarines add vitamins and minerals to our bodies, can satisfy the craving for something sweet, and are readily available in most grocery stores. In San Marcos, Sprouts Market offers a varied selection of high-quality, reasonably priced options, including organic for those of us that are interested in eating organic.

Try your local farmer’s market for healthy, fresh foods in San Marcos!

Vegetables pack a double punch, as they not only have the vitamins and minerals that our bodies need, but fiber as well. Vegetables such as zucchini, eggplant, spinach, tomatoes, and artichokes offer plenty of flavor, vitamins, and fiber. Living in the San Marcos area, we have access to lots of fresh vegetables, fruits, eggs and meats through our local farmers markets. San Diego county offers over 50 farmers markets, many that run throughout the year. San Marcos has a farmers market that is held at Cal State San Marcos on Sundays from 10am-2pm.

Proceed with caution!

While San Marcos certainly offers other grocery stores such as Ralph’s, Vons, Stater Brothers and Wal-Mart, it’s a good idea to be careful of the products you are buying while there. Each of these stores sell fruit, vegetables, bread, meat, and eggs, but you should be cautious about some of the other offerings that you may find down the aisles.
Avoid products that contain:
  • High Fructose Corn Syrup
  • Artificial sweeteners
  • Monosodium Glutamate (MSG)
  • Trans Fat
  • Common food dyes
  • Sodium Nitrate
These additives do not contribute to the nutritional value of the food, but are often used for preserving foods, or adding artificial flavors or colors. Foods that contain these additives are often highly processed. Highly processed foods usually do not contain much nutritional value and eating too many of them can contribute to overall poor health, possible weight gain, and unhealthy teeth and gums.

High-fructose corn syrup can be found in many surprising foods, such as breads, cereals, and condiments. It is cheap, easy to produce, and plentiful. Other sugars to watch out for are beet, and cane sugars, as well as honey.

Eating too much sugar can lead to tooth decay and inflammation of the gums. Sugar forms plaques on our teeth that begin to wear away the protective enamel, leaving teeth vulnerable to the development of cavities. You might only think of sugar as “table sugar”, the white sugar we all know so well, but there are lots of sugar types and they are often “hidden” in foods that you might not suspect.

Finding healthy, fresh foods in San Marcos isn’t nearly as difficult as people may have previously thought. With our abundance of local farmers markets and the great variety of fresh produce available, eating great for good oral health takes only a little planning and dedication!