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Monday, April 27, 2015

Introducing Epignetic Orthodontics

Epignetic Orthodontics

Adriatic Dental now introducing revolutionary Epigenetic Orthodontics! Epigenetic orthodontics uses a person’s natural genes to correct and straighten the teeth without the use of force brackets. Dr. Valentina Obradovic believes that by changing the spatial relations of crooked teeth, using a new generation of orthodontic-orthopedic-pneumopedic™ DNA appliances™ , which can be worn similar to removable orthodontic retainers, the various genes that control tooth position will be activated so that orthodontists and dentists can enhance dental and oral health, including non-surgical airway remodeling.

Some evidence for these ideas is already available in the Dental, orthodontic and medical literature. These new DNA appliances™ rely less on the continuous force exerted by conventional orthodontic braces, but help to guide the teeth, jaws, TMJ, face and airway into more optimal relations for functions, such as sleep and breathing.

Specifically, these new DNA appliances™ consist of 3-D Axial springs™ that are specially made from Do-Not-Adjust wire™ or DNA wire™ which, as its name suggests, requires virtually little or no adjustment by the dental professional.